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If you're a 4x4 driver, there's no doubt you'll need great performing tyres to handle diverse conditions and terrain, whether it's crossing muddy rivers or attacking steep slopes. In any case, it's best to learn from the 4x4 expert: BFGoodrich, who has won over 200 victories in rallies and cross-country races, such as the famous Baja 1000, Dakar, Australasian Safari and the World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies. With all that proof, it's clear that BFGoodrich has the expertise to help you, too, be a master at off-roading.
To start, BFGoodrich put together a few basic tips to help you conquer your upcoming off-roading adventures.

Choose the right 4x4 tyre

There's a BFGoodrich 4x4 tyre for every driver.

BFGoodrich recommends that you fit four identical tyres on 4x4 vehicles (the same brand, with the same tread pattern and same load and speed ratings), and that you follow the car manufacturer's recommendations.

4x4 tyres are grouped into different categories based on the type of vehicle and terrain they're designed for.

4x4 road tyre: for 4x4 cars

  • Responsive and extremely accurate on corners and straights
  • Designed for use on motorways and in urban areas

Mixed tyre: for SUV-style 4x4 vehicles

  • Very rugged tread pattern and sharp design
  • Reinforced tread patterns and sidewalls
  • Versatile: performs equally well on-road and off-road

"Off-road" all-terrain tyre: for off-roading
and hill-climbing

  • Wide tread blocks
  • Very high rubber ratio (50%)
  • High tread depth: 13 to 17 mm
  • Reinforced tread patterns and sidewalls
  • Excellent off-road performance


Why would I want to do this?

Some 4x4 drivers may want to fit tyres of different sizes when changing the way a vehicle is used, improve its performance or simply to alter the vehicle's appearance.

Bear in mind that the UK Highway Code applies in full to 4x4 vehicles and you must always follow its rules when making size changes.

Precautions to take

BFGoodrich recommends you follow this advice before making any changes to the size of your tyres:

  • The load index must be greater than or equal to the index of the original tyre and must be suitable for the maximum load per vehicle axle.
  • For tyres not marked M+S, the speed rating must be greater than or equal to the rating of the original tyre. For tyres marked M+S, the speed rating can be lower, provided you display the label indicating the new speed rating inside the vehicle.
  • The vehicle must be fitted with four identical tyres (same brand, same size, same tread pattern, same load and speed ratings, and same usage category) in order to avoid any mechanical issues with the transmission and ensure maximum performance.
  • Follow the car manufacturer's recommendations at all times.
  • Check that the new tyres are not touching any mechanical components or body parts.
    Furthermore, the tyres must not extend beyond the 4x4 vehicle's wings.
  • Ensure that the wheel is compatible with the new tyre dimension.
  • Seek the advice of a professional before making any modifications; there are always rules and regulations to comply with when changing a vehicle's dimensions.

Off-Road/4x4 SUV tyres – discover the real pleasure of driving

Off-Road/4x4 SUV tyres are specially designed for SUVs and Jeeps. Whether they are summerwinter or all-season tyres, this range of products offers the optimal comfort for safe driving. Off-road driving involves challenging grounds. That makes tyres a crucial piece of equipment. Off-road tyres feature aggressive tread designs, which is crucial for generating off-road traction on challenging terrain. The main purpose of tyres is to provide first-rate traction and to enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Ideal for sports competitions

Off-Road/4x4 SUV tyres are recommended for high speeds. A great advantage of Off-Road/4x4 SUV tyres is the offered stability during cornering, which makes them ideal for sports competitions. The compounds used in the manufacturing of high-quality off-road tyres aim at increasing chip resistance. Also, an aggressive tread pattern is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a full-time mud tyre. It all depends on your driving habits and the vehicle you own. Puncture protection is another feature that characterises a high-quality product. The size of the wheel is an indicator that should be considered as you browse for tyres. Always look for this kind of information in your car’s manual.

The characteristics of Off-Road/4x4 SUV tyres

The Off-Road/4x4 SUV tyres combine several characteristics. First of all, they must be flexible and comfortable on the street and, at the same time, they must be robust and reliable. What was not possible before becomes reality now because of the innovative technology and the modern techniques. In order to ensure a greater shock resistance, there are two or three coatings that offer a better protection against scratches. The strengthened blades and optimised profile design ensure an optimal ride on wet roads and reduce the rolling noise on dry roads. This is why the Off-Road/ 4x4 SUV tyres provide such a high comfort while driving. If you wish to enjoy these features on the road, browse for tyres on mytyres.co.uk – the place where variety meets high-quality.

Prices include VAT and delivery within mainland UK (excl. special areas).

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