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Motorcycle Tyres - Quality and Safety

Road racing motorcycleMotorcycle tyres are a safety-related feature of every motorcycle. The tyres must fit not only to the bike, but also to the season. This is the only way to get from A to B. The registration of the motorcycle gives information about which motorcycle tyres are approved for the respective model. Among other things, moto tyre sizes are explained there as well.
However, the best motorbike tyre is worth nothing if it is in bad shape. Therefore, it should be checked regularly for damage and the tread depth. The air pressure is also crucial. Before every journey you should do a corresponding check.
Corresponding profiles ensure that even in heavy rain riding can be fun and not a security risk - caution is of course nevertheless offered. Good motorcycle tyres offer good grip on wet roads and move safely through bends. Anyone traveling by motorcycle in winter also needs winter tyres or opt for year-round motorcycle tyres to save themselves from having to switch each season. Almost every manufacturer offers tyres for all-seasons, because many bikers love their machine so much that they want to be weather-independent on the go.

Pay Attention to Types of Motorcycle Tyres

Depending on the type of motorcycle tyre you need for your bike and on the nature of your riding, it is best to go with the tyre size and type recommended by the motorbike manufacturer. For instance, for a Scooter you commute to work every day and want to use for longer rides on weekends, choose motorcycle tyres that have maximum contact patch and tread that allow for rain evacuation but tough enough to carry heavy loads over long distances, as Cruiser and sport tour tyres are capable of doing. Dunlop motorcycle tyres have been purposely built to be used on the country roads and byways, while Bridgestone tyres have shown versatility and durability in on-road driving conditions.

The 80/20 Rule in Selecting Moto Tyres

For a safe and enjoyable ride on your bike, you have to choose motorbike tyres that address the kind of riding you do and the ground conditions where you will be driving most of the time. Usually, the 80/20 rule applies. Where will you use your motorcycle 80% of the time? If you have a bike you like to take on long rides through the countryside, while at the same time cruise city streets to go get something to eat, a set of Cruiser tyres makes a better choice than Enduro tyres that may have good grip on uphill and downhill rides and long service life but little contact patch on paved roads. Michelin tyres and Continental motorcycle tyres work efficiently under those driving conditions because they have a wide selection of tyres that are designed specifically for off-road and highways.

If you want to spend 20% of your driving time in a track, you have to compromise with the fact that you won’t be the rider to finish first on track day. On the other hand, if you have to tackle a lot of obstacles and take a lot of punishment from jumping, then Motocross tyres are suited for that riding condition. For this purpose, choose the more race-oriented Pirelli motorcycle tyres and Metzeler tyres because they are engineered for the race course and have both been on the road for more than 100 years, benefiting from their rich legacy of championship records.

How to Choose Motorcycle Tyres Online?

Choosing moto tyres based on how good they look on your bike and how easy they are on the pocket is recipe for ineffective driving. Like the vehicle they are used for, motorcycle tyres are made for a specific purpose, and while cheap tyres may work under conditions that are not originally intended for their built and profile, they are going to wear faster, affect your driving performance, putting you and your passengers in peril.

Before buying a new set of tyres, you need to consider to which conditions it will be exposed to later. Asphalt or terrain, short, fast or long journeys? When making a purchase decision help yourself with tyre reviews from trade magazines or other bikers, because no matter how different the target groups and areas of application are - safety always comes first. One of the options is to buy two sets of motorcycle tyres to suit your driving demands. Others opt to go for dual compound tyres that allow easy turning on paved roads but are durable enough to withstand the rigors of a dirt trail.

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