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Easy way to your complete wheel

Easy way to your complete wheel

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Complete wheels with TPMS

In case your car has a TPMS build in, we assamble and program fitting TPMS sensors to your wheels without extra charge.

Complete wheels - Cost-effective and fast fitting

All tyre professionals recommend winter tyres in winter and summer tyres are always the right choice for summer. If you have both types of tyres fitted to separate alloy or steel rims for your car, you don't have to worry about changing tyres in October or around Easter. The complete wheels only need to be replaced. Our complete wheels are also more affordable than buying tyres and rims separately.

All-Season Tyres on Steel Wheels

A sturdy all-season wheel and tyre combination will see you safely from A to B at all times of the year and in any weather. Why not opt for all-season tyres on steel wheels for optimal levels of durability? While they might not offer the same sophisticated choice of design as their alloy counterparts, their robustness can't be beaten. The mytyres.co.uk order process allows you first to select your desired steel wheels - enter the make and model of your car and we'll show you only those products that are approved for use with your vehicle - before moving on to choose your all-season tyres, for which the same principle applies. When both components are selected, we'll assemble your complete wheels, balance them and ship them to your delivery address.


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