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General questions about tyres

    Am I allowed to drive on tyres that have a higher speed rating? 

    Am I allowed to fit different tyres to those stated in my vehicle registration documents?

    Can I drive with a mixed set of tyres?

    Can I get a tyre approval certificate from you?

    Does it matter what type of tyre I fit on the rim?

    How do I know what colour the writing is on the tyre sidewall just from the product description?

    How does automatic tyre pressure monitoring work?

    What are directional tyres?

    What do I get if I order “Top Quality” products?

    What do the letters actually mean when it comes to speed rating symbols (e.g. Q and T)?

    What does FR mean?

    What does M+S mean?

    What does ML mean?

    What does the TÜV GS stamp mean?

    What does the “E” marking mean?

    What does “in progress” mean?

    What does “load index” actually mean and what for example, do the numbers 85 or 86 stand for?

    What does “Star Performer” mean?

    What is the S-identification

    What should you watch out for when putting new tyres on vehicles fitted with an ABS (anti lock braking system) or ASR (anti slip regulator)?

    What tyre brands and sizes do you offer?

    What tyres am I allowed to drive on?

    When do I need vehicle type approval certification?

    Where will I find tyre reviews and tyre test information?


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