Top tyres overview

If you are interested in buying new tyres, you may want to take a minute for a brief overview of the top products on the market. We provide you with just such an overview of bestselling tyres, the most wanted tread types, tyre-test results, and clues to recognise the best summer, winter, or all-weather tyres. Thus, you will also find out which tyres are the most recommended and especially enjoyed by other motorists. That often says more than most other sources of information, such as statistics sheets or marketing descriptions of the manufacturers. Tyre test results are also an excellent source of information, giving you a professional, unbiased report on the quality and capabilities of tyres in everyday use and extreme situations alike. How smooth is the ride, how do they react to bad weather, and will they help you save fuel? These criteria are all relevant to your buying decision.

The right tyre for your vehicle

Our Top Tyres Overview helps you make an informed purchase decision, and guides you towards finding the best tyres on the market today. Whether you choose brands such as Continental, Michelin, or Dunlop, all major manufacturers offer a wide variety of products, which makes it so easy to lose track. Trust in our extensive experience, and also in that of our customers, and you too will find the tyres that best fit your vehicle and your needs. You can find all necessary information about the correct tyre dimensions on your vehicle registration certificate, or you can use our intelligent search function, which will guide you step by step to the right tyres.

Prices include VAT and delivery within mainland UK (excl. special areas).

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