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Tyre reviews – What you should know to make a fully informed purchase

Tyres are the only contact your car has with the concrete world. Considering their crucial importance in driving, reading tyre reviews becomes mandatory before you consider changing your car's shoes. On that note, we have more than 1 million miles of reviews that cover every vehicle type and brand, engineered for exclusive use during the winter or summer season. Combined with expert comments and real world users, our tyre reviews section aims at helping you make a vital decision.

Tyre reviews – our goal is to meet your requirements

We often get client queries about how to choose the right set of tyres and wheels, considering the utmost importance of the purchase. Also, beginner drivers might feel clueless when it comes to investing in new tyres. Budget is an important consideration, just as the rubber compound, since it plays a crucial role in the performance facilitated by the tyre. So, we built a huge database of real world testing of drivers and experts. We aim to provide our customers an honest and impartial feedback regarding the adequate tyres for their cars. Of course, the season is just as an important consideration. For instance, picking performance or sport tyres can be challenging for the inexperienced. If you haven’t tested a product, you cannot be 100 percent confident of the results it promises to offer. That’s why other experts undergo test after test before making tyre reviews, to meet the needs of buyers.

Tyre reviews - tap into our collective intelligence

Our tyre reviews are meant to inform the users how the tyres have behaved in real world driving conditions. Whether it is winter tyres or summer ones, Pirelli, Goodyear, Continental, Michelin Pilot, or any other manufacturer, we have reviewed them all. All the details are covered during the review, including lap times, build quality, cornering, handling, pricing, competition, weather testing, braking distance, wet grip, off road credibility and much more. Rest assured, there won't be any doubts left when you are done reading our tyre test.

Tyre reviews – you can contribute, as well

What more could you ask? Well, you can be a part of the discussion as well. Our review section allows users to leave opinions, share views and join the comment section to add more valuable information to our database. In case you already own a particular set of Michelin, Continental, Goodyear tyres, or products supplied by any other company, you can rate them for the benefit of others. We encourage our readers to actively contribute to the information. Let our words translate into pedal feel and racing adrenaline. Browse our tyre reviews section at mytyres.co.uk to confidently buy tyres for car.

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